Transformational ABA Therapy

The Silver Lining Group is a nationally accredited behavioral health provider serving children on the autism spectrum. In 2017, they began a bold initiative to digitally transform their practice by using the ConnectCare platform for data capture and outcome tracking across all four of their Ohio offices.

Enabling Behavioral Therapist Success

Fully implementing ConnectCare at The Silver Lining Group across their team of 100+ behavioral therapists was smooth. In addition to being easy to learn, the new technology enabled them to spend more time with their kids and less time worrying about paperwork.

ConnectCare has transformed the experience of ABA Therapy tracking for our staff, and even more importantly, it’s enabled them to spend more time with the children on the autism spectrum who we serve.
— Kristen Wilcock, BCaBA, CEO, The Silver Lining Group

Key Staff & Provider FEATURES

The Silver Lining Group took advantage of several key features that enabled their transformation with ConnectCare.

Easy for the Staff

  • Full audit trail of progress for each client

  • Create datasheets for new clients by using the skill library

  • Fine grain tracking of objective & target mastery

  • Easily add and remove staff

Flexibility for the Provider

  • Exportable reports that are ready for Medicaid billing

  • Web interface allows for the use of virtually any tablet or computer with an internet connection

  • Quickly configurable and customizable to meet the specific needs of ABA Therapy practices